Bendigo Country Classic

XM-Active Presents 
Bendigo Country Classic

$3000 prize money towards travel costs to compete at the Amateur Olympia in Las Vegas!

Ullumbarra Theatre
Saturday August 31st 2019, from 6pm.
Bodybuilding Novice
Bodybuilding Open U/85kg
Bodybuilding Open O/85kg

Classic Physique Novice
Classic Physique Open

Men’s Physique Novice
Men’s Physique Open

Figure Novice
Figure Open

Women’s Physique

Bikini Novice
Bikini Open

Anyone that is seeking accommodation and has specific requests, e.g. close to the venue, with kitchen etc should call the Bendigo visitor centre 1800 813 153 and then use the code “Classic” to get the best advice and deals available for their needs.