South Australian State Championships

SA State Championship

Brighton Performing Arts Centre 
Monday 7th October
Single-show format, starts 10am 

Running Order
Figure Masters (40+ years)
Figure Novice
Figure Open


Women’s Physique

Wellness Novice
Wellness Open

Bikini 1st Timer
Bikini Junior (under 23 years on day of show)
Bikini Masters (35+ years)
Bikini Novice
Bikini Open

Bodybuilding Juniors (under 23 years on day of show)
Bodybuilding Masters (40+ years)
Bodybuilding Novice
Bodybuilding Under 85kg
Bodybuilding Over 85kg

Men’s Physique 1st Timer
Men’s Physique Masters (40+ years)
Men’s Physique Novice
Men’s Physique Open

Classic Physique Novice
Classic Physique Open

Athlete Check In
Massive Joes HQ
14 Furness Ave Edwardstown
Sunday 6th October, 2pm-4pm