2022 Season A: Pro Qualifier at Fitfest

Pro Qualifier at Fitfest


Women’s Divisions: Saturday 23rd April from 10am
Men’s Divisions: Sunday 24th April from 10am

Australian Fitness Festival, Fitfest Main Stage
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Athlete Check-In:
Friday 22nd April, 4pm – 6pm
Dohertys Gym Brunswick
45-49 Weston Street, Brunswick

Women’s Divisions:
Figure Masters (40 and over)
Figure Novice
Figure Open
Figure Overall & Pro Card Award
Fitness Open & Pro Card Award
Women’s Physique Open & Pro Card Award
Wellness Novice
Wellness Open
Wellness Overall & Pro Card Award
Bikini Juniors (22 and under)
Bikini Masters (35 and over)
Bikini Novice
Bikini Open
Bikini Overall and Pro Card Award

Men’s Divisions:
Bodybuilding Juniors
Bodybuilding Masters
Bodybuilding Novice
Bodybuilding Open U/70kg
Bodybuilding Open U/80kg
Bodybuilding Open U/90kg
Bodybuilding Open U/100kg
Bodybuilding Open O/100kg
Bodybuilding Overall & Pro Card Award
Men’s Physique Masters
Men’s Physique Novice
Men’s Physique Open
Men’s Physique Overall and Pro Card Award
Classic Physique Masters
Classic Physique Novice
Classic Physique Open
Classic Physique Overall & Pro Card Award